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Willersley Retreat 2017

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Christian Guild

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'For the beauty of the Earth'

Our 2017 Reader Retreat was a real blessing!We were well served by friendly staff, good food and comfortable accommodation in the lovely setting of Willersley Castle. (I admit to being somewhat biased - as my wife and I are Christian Guild hosts) Feedback from colleagues was very positive!Thanks to Warden Sally Buck for leading our Retreat (on her BIG birthday weekend!) and to Linda Wass for the admin arrangements - booking, printing of worship booklets and programme etc.)Our programme intentionally included time and space to relax and reflect, walk and worship. On the Friday evening Sally presented us all with a conker - having gathered them as fruits of the harvest. It was not long before I started to pen a few lines, as I focused on my conker...The ConkerPicked up when you fell from the tree. Your green prickly coat splits open, to reveal your beauty;as the fresh shining lustre is caught by the sunlight.I hold you in the palm of my hand; run my fingers over your smooth surface. I like your warm, rich colour and texture. I am intrigued by the lighter patch on your head -– your tonsure. You look so solid but like me, I know you are vulnerable but hold life within. You appear dormant but have the potential to bear fruit, well into the next century, when I am long since gone.A simple conker but fit for our conqueror, in Christ our Lord. Amen.


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