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Whitby Pilgrimage

Lincoln Readers Pilgrimage to Whitby - July 2014

ADDRESS TO READERS By Revd B F F Crane (father of Sister Heather Francis OHP) c. 1980s’.Just as I believe in the Church, I also believe in its total ministry, the ministry of all of us. I believe that the Church is an organisation in which everyone is equal but does not have the same function.You spend or have spent your life in a “place of work” – factory, school, caring situations of family or neighbourhood… these are the places from which modern phraseology, in words and contemporary fashions come. You are also ministers of the Church, trained in its language, familiar with its liturgy and acquainted with its spiritual terminology. And yours is basically a preaching and teaching ministry.I find it sometimes difficult to get over to people (even those in high places) that this does not mean necessarily preaching from a pulpit or lecturing in a classroom. You teach and preach by your whole life and because of your training (in doctrine) you should be able to relate the Gospel to circumstances in other people’s lives and not just utter platitudes.People will sometimes say there is virtually nothing a Reader can do that any other Church member cannot do. The trouble is that people look at rules and regulations and see that Readers can take Morning and Evening Prayer (so can others), distribute communion (so can others) visit the sick (ditto), exercise a pastoral ministry/role (ditto), help (or hinder?) the vicar (ditto)-they do not look deeper and realise that what matters is not what you can do but the conviction with which you can speak.“I am Gabriel…..”I admire you for the time you give to training, and for coming to days such as this, and attempting to keep up the efficiency of your ministry. I feel so much depends on you because you more than anybody else involved in the Church’s ministry should be able to speak spiritual truths in language related to everyday life. In doing this you have power to connect with those who have a lively perspective on life and with their dilemmas which those outside these particular work situations can barely hope to grasp (let alone comment on) and bring these (and them) into the worshipping life of the Church community and in the consciences of its members.

We were once again richly blessed during our 2014 Pilgrimage!

During one of our sessions - 'Living the vowed Life' - Sister Heather Francis of the Order of The Holy Paraclete contrasted the ministry of Readers with those of a Religious Order. She also included An Address to Readers - which she had found whilst sorting her father's papers (produced left - with kind permission).I am sure many of us were greatly encouraged as she read it to us!

Questions for Readers...

The Religious Life is a Journey...

Address to Readers

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St Hilda’s Song (for Whitby Pilgrims 2014)To the tune of St Magnus (Nottingham) Jer. Clarke (c.1673-1707) 'The head that once was crowned with Thorns'.On Easter Day you had your say,when Hilda was baptised.Paulinus came King Edwin too,To open up their eyes.Saint Hilda learned Community,with folk of every kind.They shared of God in Unity,Peo – ple no longer blind.Caedmon was called his song to sing,With voice and heart and mind.A message of great love to bring,With Gospel words to bind.To journey on we Pilgrims came,Community to find.Refreshed, renewed we sing again,With voice and heart and mind.John Marshall – ReaderLincoln Diocese

Pilgrimage Notes and material from Canon Alex Whitehead

Whitby Pilgrimage Talks

Whitby Liturgy

Songs for A Pilgrim Eucharist

Music for the Choir

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