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Quiet Days 2015

Quiet Days 2015

Photo left: Revd Canon Valerie RamptonBelow: Readers Reflecting

SKY-GAZINGSession 1 - The Wide SkySession 2 - The CloudsSession 3 - Darkness

Thank you to Revd Canon Valerie for a thought provoking day of words, music and worship!The morning skies were not exactly inviting - the weather was cold with a grey canopy.Before we left to go home - the sun had come out with some lovely clouds over Edenham!

During the first session we were asked to think about God, the Universe and the Sky above and perhaps put our thoughts into words. (Two contributions below - but more welcome!)When you read below, think of God, spider and a web!God's Worldwide WebLord like the spinner of a marvellous webyou reign over the universe.You are the centre of my being.You know all my doings, every move I make.You prompt me to change direction, You draw me closer to you.Father you see every thread of life, the weak and the strong.You create and recreate, restore and renew.You reach out to save, or take life away.Lord your web is as awesome as the sky above, rich in form, darkness and light.As you weave the circle of life with sight and sound, your music lifts me high and feeds my soul.I am truly blessed!Thank you God of heaven and earth. Amen.

Praise and Prayer To God of the UniverseWho made Space, Sky and Earth;Thank you for the World you gave For us to spend our Time in.A Wonder of Loving, Lordly PresenceSurrounded the World at Creation.Breezes of Wind that touch usSpeak well of your SpiritMoving everywhere; And when no Wind blows our wayYou give us a Moment of Stillness and QuietTo Listen and Love and Wonder.Thank you, Lord God, for the World you still give us;For its changing patterns of Sky and Cloud,For the Infinite varieties of Colour and ShadeAs your Love moves among us with Healing and Grace.A Wonder of Loving, Lordly PresenceInhabits the World, Day and Night, Day by Day.Amen.

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