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Quiet Days

Quiet Days 2016

Our Leader for the day:Area Warden Revd Susan Williams

Edenham Quiet Day

Thank you to the Revd Susan Williams for a thought provoking day to reflect in Lent!Session 1: In the first session we were invited to choose a text which is important to us as individuals.Stay with itSavour itEnjoy it as a gift God has given youDoes it have particular associations?You might like to write out the text, illustrate it, illuminate it? *Be nourished by the word of God.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Session 2: Who has helped us in our journey?Who has inspired you?Who has helped you in hard times?Are there poets, novelist, artists, musicians who have helped you?Thank God for them.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Session3: Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:21Where is your treasure?What special gifts have you been given?


Middle Rasen Quiet Day

* From Middle RasenI hear a Great Tit chattering to it's mate;A blackbirds' song is loud and true.The cows are bellowing about their dayAnd there's a dog barking somewhere too.Even the pheasant calls.... just once,out of tune with the cockerels shrill.But I wouldn't have heard them at all today,If I'd not taken the time to be still.So I'll give thanks and praise to the Lord my Godwho created each one, large and small.Long may the songs of the natural worldbring blessings and peace to us all.Marion Hewis,Reader at St Bartholomews, Keelby

Diocese of LincolnAssociation of Lincoln Readers

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