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Launde Retreat 2016

This weekend ( Sept 2nd to 4th) has seen me complete a number of firsts....My first visit to Launde Abbey.My first Retreat as a Reader.The first time I met a few other Readers serving in the diocese.I make no excuse for the last sentence. Having witnessed the sea of blue scarves at the cathedral last October, it was somewhat disappointing that the number at Launde could be counted without using both hands and feet. That said, the weekend itself was an opportunity to refresh, renew and rejuvenate ourselves spiritually – creative repair – and you didn’t need to be handy with a paint brush or sewing needle to be fully involved.Guided by Revd Anne Holmes, we explored our own story, how we were / can be creative, who encouraged us and what gets in our way. No one in ministry should feel guilty about taking time out and creativity can bring us closer to God at the times we might be seeking his voice. We considered what nourishes us as well as what drains us and worked in small groups ( usually 2/3 people) before feeding back to the group as a whole, all on a voluntary basis so no-one was pressured.There was also time to ‘play’ with free time to walk, the opportunity to try something new, to create or just to be..........By the time the weekend came to a close a knitted blanket, some cross stitch , a couple of paintings, memories and yes – even a sermon, were all created as we embraced the opportunity for some much needed repair.The usual programme of morning and evening prayer was completed on Sunday as Revd Anne presided over the Eucharist, the created work offered to God and hymns of praise sent heavenward.I only hope next year will see more taking the opportunity to come together with like minded people to share and support each other as Lincoln Readers.Marion Hewis

Launde Retreat 2016A weekend richly blessed! Once again it was good to meet up with colleagues during our annual retreat at Launde Abbey. Several of us commented that as Readers we can be quite isolated and therefore value the opportunity to share extended fellowship over a weekend. Our theme of 'Creative Repair' explored the idea and need for ministers to take time out - perhaps participating in a creative activity. (Theologically - Jesus often withdrew with his disciples).Creative examples might include a hobby - listening to music (switch off and switch on), singing, writing poetry, reading, photography, drawing / painting, cross stitch etc. We added items to a table - as an offering and reflecting some of our creative activity. (I was quite pleased with my simple hedgehog of moss on a bed of slate and tree bark! I've also included below - 2 delightful photo's I shot from my car on arrival at Launde!) I enjoyed challenging the group with a Saturday night music quiz - over a pint. Great fun! Along with several others, I have attended most of our retreats and pilgrimages and always come away feeling richly blessed! Thank you to Warden Sally and Linda Wass for organising the Launde Retreat. Special thanks to Revd Anne Holmes who led our weekend and of course to the staff at Launde for their welcome and good food!I am already looking forward to our Retreat in 2017 in another beautiful location.Willersley Castle Cromford near Matlock Derbyshire. 29th Sept - 1st October 2017The programme will include time for reflection and relaxation, a swim or local walks. Watch out for further details and do book early! J.M.

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Launde Worship Booklet

Revd Anne Holmes on Creative Repair for all involved in ministry.

N.B. Anne's reference for the Stephen Cherry chapter which she quoted is: Cherry, S., 2012. Time wisdom. In: T. Ling and L. Bentley, eds. 2012. Developing faithful ministers. London: SCM Press. Ch.7, pp.97-107. Beyond Busyness: Time Wisdom for Ministry - by Stephen Cherry is available on Amazon. Kindle and paperback.

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