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Guidance for Readers in the Lincoln Diocese(Bishop John Saxbee January 2006)

READERS & BAPTISMReaders and Baptism, my view as expressed at the Readers’ Day is that I hold to the general principle that Readers would not Baptise as a matter of course, and would certainly not be the normal minister at Baptisms in a particular place. However, I have given permission for Readers to Baptise when I have been approached in relation to particular circumstances e.g. family or other close personal relationships, so long as I am consulted in each case (i.e. I don’t think a general mandate can be issued, at least until such time as the national stance changes) then I would expect to respond positively. Obviously, in all such cases the consent of the Parish Priest will be essential. + Bishop John PUBLIC WORSHIP WITH COMMUNION BY EXTENSION1 Explicit permission must be obtained from the bishop for the use of this rite. This permission should relate to specific pastoral circumstances, thus emphasizing the exceptional nature of this ministry. See also the Guidelines issued by the House of Bishops on pages 32-33.2 In parishes or cures in which Public Worship with Communion by Extension has been authorized, care should be taken to ensure that a Sunday celebration of Holy Communion continues to take place regularly in each church. Public Worship with Communion by Extension will normally take place on Sundays and Principal Holy Days. Exceptionally, the rite may be appropriate on other occasions.

Admission & Licensing Common Worship

Lay Officers of the Church Section EReader Canons

Grievance Procedure

Dignity at Work

Interim Guidelines for the Professional Conduct of Readers

Lincoln Readers Constitution & Rules (2017)

Working Agreement

3 This service is led only by a person specifically authorized by the bishop; this may be a deacon, Reader or other lay person who has received appropriate training. Those who have permission under Canon B 12 may share in the giving of communion.4 If the minister is a deacon, Reader or lay worker authorized under Canon E 7, the appropriate vesture is worn.5 Care should be taken to ensure that those who play any part in the administration of Communion by Extension treat the elements in a seemly and dignified manner and observe the rubrics in the rite provided.6 Proper provision must be made for the consecrated bread and wine to be brought to the church from the celebration of Holy Communion in a seemly and dignified manner. They should be placed upon the Holy Table and covered with a clean white cloth.7 Proper care should be taken to ensure as far as possible that the consecrated elements are adequate to meet the needs of the congregation. If the bread and wine prove insufficient for the number of communicants, there can be no supplementary consecration in the course of this service...

House of Bishops - Same Sex Marriage Guidance Feb 2014

Promoting A Safe Church

Protecting All God's Children

Responding to Domestic Abuse

Responding Well

Safeguarding Principles

Safeguarding Recruitment

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults and Children

When a new DBS Certificate is issued - you should register promptly to subscribe to the DBS Update Service (Volunteers - free of charge). Once registered, you can access your 'live' status online, which may be used for Portability (within 2yrs) - whereby a new full application is unnecessary.The Diocesan Protocol for Portability is as follows:To accept a pre-existing criminal record check from a body outside the Church, the following requirements must be met: the check must be completely clear (i.e. no record of cautions, convictions or additional information.) it is less than 2 years old. it is for a similar position the applicants identity is verified. the APPLICANT is still in the post or job for which the check was obtained. a reference from the previous employer or appointer is obtained to ensure that the APPLICANT was appointed following receipt of the check. the issue date and serial number of the check is recorded together with the applicants name and date of birth. A Confidential Declaration Form must be completed - the link to the last requirement is here:

Bishop's Regs. for Readers

FUNERAL FEES - READERS Those Readers who are trained and authorised for Funeral ministry may if they wish, claim a portion of the parochial fee paid to the diocese (in the same way that NSM and OLM clergy may do so). Some choose to do so and many do not. If the fee is claimed it is classed as taxable income - to be dealt with by the individual claimant. The claim needs to be made promptly and certainly within twelve weeks of the Funeral. The form is usually submitted by the church Treasurer or other nominated person.

PF1 Funeral Fees Claim Form

Diocese of LincolnAssociation of Lincoln Readers

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