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Ecumenical Study 2015

Ecumenical Study Day 2015 Discipleship in the context of Fresh Expressions - led by Peter Atkins.The event was well attended by Readers and Local Preachers from across the Diocese.Peter has kindly provided his slide presentation to download (pdf).The day was thought provoking and challlenging.The Seven Sacred Spaces model of George Lings is very helpful when considering the marks of a Christian Community and aspects of how we do church.The slides below indicate a model of church 'from and to'...Where are we now on our journey of faith and witness?

Seven Sacred Spaces George Lings has written on the various sacred spaces of the Christian monastic community. Lings identified seven recurring spaces:The Cell - where we meet God on our own, and must also come face-to-face with ourselves.The Chapel - where we gather for corporate worship.The Chapter - where we discuss issues facing the community, and make decisions.The Cloister - where we meet others – both those we like and those we dislike – in passing encounters.The Garden - where we engage in productive work, complementing liturgical worship and study.The Refectory - where we eat together.The Scriptorium - where we pass knowledge on, from one to another.

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