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Book Group Members

Welcome to the Book Group Page!

This page is for information of the Lincoln Readers Book Group.As a member you will be given access to our Blog Please do not share access with others! If you wish to join the group you will need:1. A account. Don’t have an account? All you need is an email address and password: register here!2. Permission from the site admin. Once you've created an account, log in and request an invitation to join the Group. Once validated you need to accept the invitation and then you can start to comment post or blog (with author status).Please contact Sally that you wish to join.

February 2017 Book Title: To Love As God Loves ISBN: 0-8006-2041-0 Author: Roberta Bondi Publisher: Fortress PressAvailable via Amazon - Paperback or Kindle

Book as recommended and reviewed by Reader John Davies

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