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Bishop's Study Day

Bishop Nicholas addressing Readers at our Annual Study Day

'GETTING READY FOR THE PARTY - TAKING THE PULSE'Bishop Nicholas said: "This is a day for Readers with the Bishop of Grantham, the Warden of Readers and colleagues from around the diocese as we prepare for our 150th anniversary celebrations later this year."

Reader Warden Sally Buck had early commented: "Bishop Nicholas is taking on responsibility for ministry in the diocese. This is our opportunity to introduce Bishop Nicholas to our Reader ministry, to hear from him and to have our voices heard as part of the ongoing story of ministry in the Lincoln Diocese."

After informal morning worship led by John Marshall and Rowena Ward-Barrow, Bishop Nicholas was welcomed by Warden Sally Buck.Bishop Nicholas then outlined the programme for the day explaining the World Cafe approach and rationale for using it. The morning sessions involved us sat around tables discussing some thought provoking questions posed by the Bishop. After receiving feedback from our comments written on flipchart sheets (our table cloths), it was 'all change' as we were encouraged to move to another table to engage in conversation with other colleagues.

What have you contributed in your ministry? How has it flourished?

What have been the inhibitors to your ministry?

What message would you like to give to Bishop Nicholas at the beginning of his new ministry amongst Readers?

Are we faithful, confident, joyful in our ministry?

After a delicious lunch, Bishop Nicholas gave us some insight as to his previous life and ministry in the northeast, by talking through some powerful images of people and places he had memories and experiences of.He then asked us to explore "what are the Myths and Realities as encountered by, or embedded within the ministry of Readers in the Lincoln Diocese?"Throughout the day we were encouraged to be open and honest in our responses. Bishop Nicholas was pleased with the positive feedback he had received! I hope that as an exercise in 'taking the temperature' of Reader ministry within the Diocese, Bishop Nicholas found it fruitful!It was a good day for Readers to share fellowship and experience of ministry across the Diocese. It was also good to be with some quite new Readers, as well as those of us who have been licensed for over 20 years and at least one Reader - well over 40 years!Bishop Nicholas was heartily thanked for leading our day. I am sure we all look forward to working with him, faithfully, with confidence and joyfully!Thanks to our Warden Sally for organising the event and to our hosts and providers of refreshment at St Luke's Birchwood.J.M. Chair - Governing Body.

Theologically speaking, is the Diocese of Lincoln similar or the same as that of another Diocese?

What is the distinctive voice of the Reader in the Diocese today?

Readers in shared conversations!

Diocese of LincolnAssociation of Lincoln Readers

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